Fitness Club FLAGSHIP

Trieste, Italy

This project consists in the refurbishment of more than 15,000 sqm of the ex cinema.
The building is from the twenties, and it was originally a big theater; later on it was adapted as cinema, until it was definitively shut down back in 2009.
The main entrance is at the beginning of a large, central, pedestrian area in the city centre and a beautiful, marble stair, leading to upper stories, accommodates in it.

A wide blue and black ribbon follows the guests through the reception and the main gym’s hall, ending in a comfortable lounge room.
A large white-painted steel mezzanine floor occupies the higher portion of the main hall, perfectly framing the cinema’s silver screen left in its original position.

Reusing our cities’ real estate to avoid ground consumption, is a challenge that we have to accept with courage and consciousness.
Sustainability of our old town’s centres, in terms of transformation, surely passes through an injection of new functions, because those are inherently afoot of new interactions and social dynamics between inhabitants themselves.